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Spencer Jentzsch | Hacker Paradise

I was the kid that refused to come down from the tree and instead spit cherry pits at the babysitter when she tried to put me to bed. Babysitter, if you are reading this, I am sorry! I just wanted to hang out longer and my communication techniques weren't very refined back then. Since then, I've gotten much better. One of my strongest personality traits is the motivation to win others over. I am the person that identifies that grumpy person scowling in the corner and intentionally goes out of my way to get them involved. I've learned that no one can resist a well-timed pun — much more effective than spitting cherry seeds.
I work hard to create a collaborative community that inspires and motivates others. On top of that, my background in project management allows me to bring a lot of structure and get-things-done attitude to the community.
I’ve never agreed with the you-have-to-be-at-work-to-be-working philosophy. My most productive position is with my shoes off, feet on my desk, while plugging away on my laptop. As such, I quit my longstanding corporate job this year in search of something more meaningful that aligns with that lifestyle. I am now part of the digital nomad community traveling with Hacker Paradise.

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Jocelyn Pearson | Curacao Coworking: Pietermaai

Jocelyn Paonita Pearson is a Best-Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, and Founder of The Scholarship System, an online program to teach families how to pay for college with scholarships and avoid student loan debt. While building her own online business, Jocelyn gained over 3 years of experience in creating profitable funnels and now coaches others to do the same. Today, she continues to run her business while enjoying location-freedom, living on a small island in the Caribbean with her husband and their pleasantly plump dog.

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Peter Kroll | Bitaddress

Kroll’s primary contribution to the field of cryptocurrency-based security has been his invention of the first paper wallet at Bitaddress.org. Having launched the original website anonymously in 2011, he was able to hone a system of security that addresses several of the most prominent flaws of cryptocurrency security.

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Ife Badejo | The Connector's Connector

Ife is known as an Impact Focused Entrepreneur and considered as "The Caribbean's #1 Business Connector". Words from Ife: My entrepreneurial journey started when I was 9 years old and I paid my then 7-year-old brother 50% commissions to sell my newspapers. My training journey started when I was in high school and was asked to speak to 6th graders to inspire and motivate them to achieve greatness. Though life has had a very dynamic and interesting trajectory that has taken me all over the world, what remains is that I still do what I can to inspire greatness and I am passionate about building thriving businesses that provide the lifestyle you want. With more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and trainer, having been a part of various start-up initiatives, and having built an international network that spans North America, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, I have learned the art and science of connecting and developing great relationships that transform businesses and impact lives.

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Gonneke van den kieboom | WorkSpot

Gonneke is director copyrightG innovating business & partner WorkSpot Curacao. Strategic creative communication do-thinker, with strong belief in originality in the relations that brands and organizations can build with people. Omni-mediafile, communication expert that blooms in teams. I thrive in hands-on situations and complexity. Am a pragmatic enthusiast, a no-nonsense go-getter with a love for the written word. My strategic planning skills bring the right people together at the right moment, I deliver projects and assignments with good results.

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Gwen Reniers | Elements at Spotify

Gwen has almost 8 years’ experience in Technical recruiter both in Agency and Corporate environment. She Started her career focusing on talented Quality Assurance professionals for clients that operate in the Life Sciences domain. Since 2015 she is focusing on Tech recruitment and since 2017 she works remotely from the beautiful island of Curacao.

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Iwo Szapar | Remote How

Iwo is the Remote Work Advocate & CEO at Remote-how - the first global education & certification platform, that partnered up with companies like GitLab, Buffer, Asana or GitHub to empower the growth of a remote work community and enable everyone to have the freedom of choice where, when and how they work. In January 2018 he started his journey to push remote work into the mainstream - so far he established a fully-distributed company (19 people across 10 countries), raised $400,000 and launched first product from the whole ecosystem he is building - the Remote-how Academy. All while living and working remotely from across 12 countries.

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Ramon Koffijberg | CINEX

I present to you, the following panelist, Mr. Ramon Koffijberg; the Executive Director of Curacao and Investment Promotion Agency (CINEX). After Mr. Koffijberg finished his education, both in USA & Europe, he assumed various financial and commercial business development/entrepreneurial positions of the private sector in the U.S.A. In 2012 he returned to Curacao with the desire to make a economic impact and to contribute to his island. He was appointed as the Executive Director of CINEX August 2014. CINEX is the official Investment Promotion Agency for the government of Curacao. Mr. Koffijberg’s main focus has been from day one to brand and promote Curacao as THE Foreign Direct Investment Destination of Caribbean by focusing on seeking and facilitating the investments on the island. Cinex also promotes and encourages the export of local products and services in order to boost the economic development of Curaçao internationally.t.

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Renske Pin | RE-Quest Research & Consultancy

Renske Pin, PhD. , was raised in Curaçao. She works as an independent researcher and consultant and founded RE-Quest Research & Consultancy. She has a MSc diploma in Communication Sciences and a PhD in Behavioural Sciences. RE-Quest Research & Consultancy is based in Curaçao and focuses on social development. RE-Quest works together with a multidisciplinary collective of researchers and consultants and has experience in a wide range of research and consultancy projects for a variety of settings in Curaçao and in the region, including the National Health Survey for the Public Health Institute Curacao (VIC), investigating Climate in Classrooms for Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland, the Remigration Research for the Ministry of Social Development, Labour and Welfare (SOAW), assessing Media Development in Curacao for UNESCO and developing consumer policy instruments for the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In collaboration with UNDP, RE-Quest is responsible for the project management of UNESCO's follow-up Media Development Programme.

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Runy Calmera | Freelance Projectmanager

Runy is a Storyteller, and a producer of the show called Mydreambusinesscoach.com. My dream is that you realize your dream. And my vision is to help you as one of the 10.000 people that grow their online digital course creator's home based business in the next 5 years and earning at least $ 500.000 a year. So, you can live your dream live, wealthy, healthy, with healthy relationships and in a healthy body. So I started this journey called mydreambusinesscoach.com where I live the dream and dream the life. We are heading back to Dream Island, where all your dreams come true. To reach our goal destination we can create an online dream business that runs automatically and generate income. A system that serves the world by delivering our value added, passions to the world, to advance the lives of men and women and children. Along the journey, we build and scale up that system.

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Luis Santine | CX Pay

Luis is the founder and managing director of CX Pay and InfoCapital; providing diversified advisory services related to international business solutions and transaction services. InfoCapital & CX Pay serve a wide range of clientele ranging from corporate to small business owners and from merchants to institutional investors. The companies’ expertise and solutions are found primarily in the areas of strategic management, fiduciary services and e-Commerce.
Since 2010 Luis has completed several management assignments primarily in the financial sector. He is active in the startup scene and has built significant expertise and experience in e-commerce and e-payments advising clients on payments and transactional structures, while providing merchants with (online) payment solutions through the CX Pay platform.”

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Miles Mercera | CHATA

Miles Mercera is new young talent. He is President & CEO of CHATA - Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association. His specialties are Management, Branding, Destination Development, Digital Marketing, Stakeholder Management, Business Development, PR, Marketing.

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Miguel Goede | Consultant

Dr. Miguel P. Goede is a scientist, strategist, author, radio talk show host and a management consultant. But when you talk to me you will find out that I am also a trend watcher and a philosopher. My area of research is Good Governance for Sustainable Development of Globalizing Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Caribbean.
Specialties: Strategy development and implementation. Management of change and transformation. Leadership development and coaching.